Pop singer/songwriter Grant Landis got his start singing at church in his hometown of Joplin, Missouri.  After discovering a passion and love of music and performing Grant began posting acoustic cover videos on the social sharing site Vine.  After building a huge and active following on Vine, Grant then continued to build his following on YouTube, Instagram, and more.  Based on his solid social fan base, Grant joined the popular Digitour and toured North America.  Following the successful Digitour stint Grant launched his own headline tour playing to sold out shows across North America.  Lifetime Television approached Grant to appear on the first season of their new show The Pop Game to compete alongside other up and coming artists, mentored along the way by mega producer, songwriter, and performer Timbaland.  Through his time on the show and his relationship with Timbaland, Grant was then signed to a singles deal with Mosely Music Group, Timbaland’s label.  The single “Another Life” was the first release from that collaboration and is available now.  Grant is continuing to write and perform and work on new music and a recent move to Nashville, Tennessee is poised to launch his career into the next chapter.